Ve may introduce ourself

There has been established a group of leisure time sportsmen during the past years at "Alsterschwimmhalle" in Hamburg. This Group performs springboard and platform diving and is also performing cliff diving in summer time. At this indoor pool is a diving are from 1 meter springboard up to 10 meter platform. The cooperation with the staff team there is working really good. So every weekend we can perform a kind of "diving happening".

We want to thank to the staff of the "Alsterschwimmhalle" to make this event possible every weekend.

We also participate at the European cliff-diving contest held every year in Switzerland. So we could establish a good contact to the cliff-diving scene and their world board WHDF. At this contest the diving is performed down a height of 7 to 19 meters. The junior divers (up to 16 years) perform their dives down from a maximum height of 10 meters. The elite divers (17 to 99 years) dive down at a maximum height of 19 meters.

Our main goal is to make cliff-diving more popular in Germany and to show the way into this sport. Diving itself is no question of age. We'll be very happy if young divers will find the way to us, because at this age the basic requirements for diving and cliff-diving can be worked out well. But also older divers are welcome in our group. The youngest diver in out group is 13 years old and the oldest are at mid-fourty.

We are no club or institution, but only a group of interested people. Our main concept is having fun, but serios work will also be done and backed.

Every person interested in this sport is welcome to visit us at the weekend.

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