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Ponte Brolla and Hamburg 2002 - 2006

Some members of our group participated at Swiss Cliff-diving contests celebrated at Ponte Brolla in the last years. We are sorry to show only a small part of our impressions here, but all material will exhaust our homepages capacity at all! Now you can watch some additional videos of our training.

2006 videos

Dominic shows a reverse somersault from 10 meter platform
Hussein shows two and a half somersaults from 10 meter platform

2004 videos

Marcus with a really great splash
Tobi tries to destroy his shorts
Lukas performs a backward somersault

Diving into Verzasca Valley

Next to Maggia Valley there is another wonderful valley called Verzasca Valley. There is a old bridge about 14 Meters of height to dive down from.

Klaus shows 1 1/2 somersaults
Alain Kohl (LUX) performs a double somersault with a half twist

world class dives at Europaean cliff diving contest

At Europaean cliff diving contest we could watch excellent dives

Daniel Locher of Switzerland performs three somersaults with a half twist
Frederic Weill of Switzerland shows 2 1/2 somersaults
The British diver Steve Black shows a double somersault with 2 1/2 twists

2003 videos

Fabian performs a dive down from 10 meter (well dived!)
Lukas performs a 10 meter backward dive
1 1/2 somersault down from 10 meter performed by Tobias
1 1/2 somersault down from 7 meter, performed by Frederic Weill
Frederic Weill performs a 2 1/2 somersault down from 19 meter
Andre splashes down a giant 10 meter canonball dive

2002 videos

2 1/2 somersault foreward tucked down from 10 meter performed by Nicole.
Hussein washes a spectator.
Alain performs a 1 1/2 somersault backwards with 1/2 twist down from 10 meter.
Down from 19 meter Andreas performes a reverse somersault in lay-out position.
Hussein performs a head dive down from 15 meter
1 1/2 Salto forward down from 15 meter performed by Klaus.
Andreas performes a double somersault backward tucked with a split.
Christian performes a undefinable double somersault down from 10 meter...