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Cliff-diving - a fascinating sport

Due to the increasing interest of media cliff-diving has become a popular sport. Nevertheless it is a kind of extreme sport, performed by approximately 300 sportsmen all over the world. An absolutely must is a wide experience in platform diving or a similar sport. Platform diving is performed up to a height of 10 meters. Smaller faults in dive execution mostly lead to mild consequences. Professional cliff divers perform their dives down from a platform at a maximum height of 28 meters. A major fault may lead to danger for their lifes. At diving the impact is 9 times harder compared to a dive out of 10 meters. The entering speed into the water then will be close to 100 km/h. Beside courage an extraordinary physical control is needed to do this great sport.

Cliff-diving has also entered the amateur diving scene. European amateur divers often meet each other in switzerland. In Germany cliff-diving is at the very beginning due to only very few diving opportunities. Most of the diving facilities in Germany are closed during public opening hours. We are shure there are lots of hidden talents here in Germany, but only a few will enter the fascinating world of diving or cliff-diving.