Our fun video gallery

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The hammer of the 2006: A canonball down from 24 meters!

Canonball dive down from 24 meters!

The nonsense of the year: Seven canonball dives at Ponte Brolla

Seven Canonball dives at Ponte Brolla

The hammer falls! Canonball down from 19 meters! Jackass couldn't do better...

Canonball down from 19 meters.

Diving at Alsterschwimmhalle (Hamburg/Germany)

Every weekend we meet at Alsterschwimmhalle. After Training we will have fun. Here we present Best of Canonball:

A triple Canonball down from 10 meters.
Synchro somersault backward canonball down from 10 meters.
A great canonball down from 10 meters.
Double canonball down from 10 meters.