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World Championship 2006 in Brontallo

Some impressions of the World Championship in Brontallo 2006

European Championship 2009 in Ponte Brolla

Some impressions of the European Championship in Ponte Brolla 2009

Ponte Brolla

Some members of our group participated at Swiss Cliff-diving contests celebrated at Ponte Brolla in the last years. We are sorry to show only a small part of our impressions here, but all material will exhaust our homepages capacity at all!

The "junior area" at Ponte Brolla. There can be performed dives down from 7 and 10 meter. The landscape at this part of Switzerland cannot be described, it's just breathtaking. First time here we sat down and were not able to say any word.
On the right hand the area for diving down from 13, 15 and 19 meter can be found. Diving down here is not only an experience to the eyes but also an accoustic thrill.
Before diving down from 7, 10 and 19 meter you'll have to cross the Maggia and will get a first impression of the really cold water.
After climbing the cliff you will see, you seem to bee more higher above water level than in reality it is...
Let's go! Miguel performs the first dive...
Alain (LUX)performs a somersault.
...followed by a inward somersault
All participants of the 2002 European Cliff-diving contest frame the winner Daniel Locher (SUI).

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